it means nothing to me

(Oh, Vienna)

Havranek, Niko/de Diego, Virginia


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It means not­hing to me (Oh, Vien­na) is a recollec­tion of insi­gni­fi­cant, mea­ningless and small dai­ly-life moments; coin­ci­den­ces obser­ved in the city of Vienna.

The book is com­po­sed as a dia­lo­gue bet­ween two voices: Niko Hav­r­anek, born and rai­sed Vien­nese pho­to­gra­pher, and Vir­gi­nia de Die­go, a Spa­nish visu­al artist tem­pora­ri­ly living in the city.

Alt­hough their pic­tures are in some ways very dif­fe­rent, they have a com­mon inte­rest, a com­mon ethic and shared aes­the­tic. While Havranek’s pho­to­graphs are bright, fun and taken with a very direct approach, de Diego’s are silent, quiet and drea­my cap­tures of very simi­lar moments. Havranek’s pho­to­graphs record flee­ting situa­tions while de Diego’s are more floa­ting moments. May­be it is becau­se of their lens choices –35 mm. for Hav­r­anek, 50 mm. for de Die­go–. May­be it is becau­se the lens is just a fil­ter to the world.

And even though we are tal­king about the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween the lan­guage of both pho­to­graph­ers, they have an ulti­ma­te simi­la­ri­ty that makes every pair of pho­to­graphs one sto­ry, with one objec­ti­ve: fee­ling and join­ning people’s expe­ri­en­ces in their con­texts, a com­mon inte­rest expres­sed through the ethic posi- tion to human figu­re in every cap­tu­re, and the gre­at impor­t­ance of the aes­the­tics of people’s context.

Auf­la­ge 150 Exemplare
Aus­stel­lungs­ka­ta­log – pre­sen­ted from March — April 2019 at:mumok-library
Impro­per Walls Gal­le­ry – Foto­Wi­en 2019/Sandwich Mix­to — Madrid
a book pro­ject with Vir­gi­nia de Diego
publis­hed by p‑oo‑
gran­ted by Bildrecht
Text Sophie Has­lin­ger













(Oh, Vienna)

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