A Dictionary of Color Combinations

Wada, Sanzo


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San­zo Wada (1883–1967) was an artist, tea­cher, cos­tu­me and kimo­no desi­gner during a tur­bu­lent time in avant-gar­de Japa­ne­se art and cine­ma. Wada was ahead of his time in deve­lo­ping tra­di­tio­nal and Wes­tern influ­en­ced colour com­bi­na­ti­ons, hel­ping to lay the foun­da­ti­ons for con­tem­pora­ry colour rese­arch. Based on his ori­gi­nal 6‑volume work from the 1930s, this book offers 348 color com­bi­na­ti­ons, as attrac­ti­ve and sen­suous as the book’s own design.

This book is a collec­tion of 348 color com­bi­na­ti­ons ori­gi­na­ted by San­zo Wada(1883–1967) who,in that time of incre­a­singly avant-gra­de and diver­si­fied use of color,was quick to focus on the impor­t­ance of color and laid the foun­da­ti­on for con­tem­pora­ry color rese­arch. San­zo Wada was acti­ve as an artist,art school instructor,costume desi­gner for the movies and the thea­ter, and kimo­no and fashion desi­gner who employ­ed his exten­si­ve and ver­sa­ti­le talents to do inno­va­ti­ve work that cen­te­red pri­ma­ri­ly on visu­al per­cep­ti­on and form.

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