Yearbook of Type III


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The Year­book of Type pres­ents an inde­pen­dent selec­tion of new digi­tal typefaces crea­ted all over the world — from lar­ger publis­hers to smal­ler, inde­pen­dent typo­graph­ers and foundries.

The com­pre­hen­si­ve com­pen­di­um pres­ents a well cura­ted over­view that gives an impres­si­on of the typeface and its appearan­ce on paper. The emo­tio­nal and well con­struc­ted infor­ma­ti­ve pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the typefaces ser­ves desi­gners and agen­ci­es as a source of inspi­ra­ti­on and help select the right typeface. As a cata­log and refe­rence work it is also of inte­rest to all tho­se who are inte­res­ted in the con­tem­pora­ry world of typeset­ting and the latest in typeface design.

A small online micro­si­te leads to the type’s or foundry’s web­site, to sim­pli­fy the con­nec­tion bet­ween print and web and to help the user to select, try, or buy a typeface.

– New edi­ti­on with all recent typefaces
– Detail­ed pre­sen­ta­ti­on of all selec­ted fonts
– Amp­le back­ground information
– Index with classification
– Index of all desi­gners and type foundries
– Explana­ti­on of all Open­Type features
– Essays and arti­cles by Boris Kochan, Fer­di­nand P. Ulrich, Vik­tor Nübel, Lau­rence Pen­ney, David Jona­than Ross, Rai­ner Erich Schei­chel­bau­er, Ste­fan Hattenbach

Pre­sen­ted type found­ries: 205TF, 29Letters, Anti­pi­xel, Ain­si­Font, Aty­pi­cal Type Found­ry, Auto­graph, bBox Type, René Bie­der, Bin­nen­land, Black­Found­ry, BLKBK Inc., Bold Mon­day, Brief­ca­se Type Found­ry, Brown­fox, Cana­da Type, Cape Arco­na Type Found­ry, Con­na­ry Fagen Type Design, Darden Stu­dio, Dhar­ma Type, Diza­jn­De­sign, DJR, Emty­pe Found­ry, Parachu­te, Faty­pe, Fon­ta­dor, Fon­tef Type Fon­dry, Jan Fromm, FSde­sign, Hof­ty­pe, Hun­garum­laut, HVD Fonts, JAM Type, Kim­my Design, Kon­tour Type, Lati­no­ty­pe, Lazy­dogs, Let­ter­werk, Lie­be­Fonts, Lucas­Fonts, Lux Typo­gra­phic + Design, Marin Šan­tic Typo­gra­phic Con­sul­tancy, Mark Simon­s­on Stu­dio, Micro­soft Cor­po­ra­ti­on, More­ty­pe, Mos­tar­de­sign Type Found­ry, NDISCOVER, NEW LETTERS, Noo­ty­pe, NM type, Indian Type Found­ry, P22 Type Found­ry, Parachu­te, phos­pho, Plau, Play­ty­pe, Pro­cess Type Found­ry, Ana Pro­da­no­vic, R9 Type+Design, Revol­ver Type Found­ry, Sak­kal Design, San­doll Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, Schick Toik­ka, Schrift­la­bor, Sharp Type, Signal Type Found­ry, Signa­tu­re Type Found­ry, Sta­wix Found­ry, Suo­mi Type Found­ry, Swiss Typefaces, Tet­rad­ty­pe, The Desi­gners Found­ry, The Nort­hern Block, The Type­craft Initia­ti­ve, Tour de For­ce Font Found­ry, Domi­nik Thie­me, TIGHTYPE, Tipo­gra­fiaRa­mis, type mat­ters, typecuts, TypeMa­tes, Type­Tog­e­ther, Type­re­pu­blic, Type­sen­ses, Typo­ca­lyp­se, Typo­fon­de­rie, Die Typo­nau­ten, Typo­the­que, URW++ Design & Deve­lo­p­ment, Vol­ca­no­Ty­pe, Wie­scher Design, Zetafonts












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