Those were the days when I used to drive around with a horse’s head on”

Krukhaug, Espen Ramberg


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The tit­le refers to a peri­od in the artist’s life when he tou­red with several punk and metal bands, tra­ve­ling through Euro­pe, Chi­na, and America…rock’n’roll style.

Going for days without suf­fi­ci­ent sleep, his only real rest came late late at night, when the musi­ci­ans them­sel­ves were slee­ping; and he never knew what the next day would bring…only that the­re would be a new town, a new show, a new par­ty, and pos­si­b­ly a fight.

Ever­yo­ne knows what bands do when they are on sta­ge, but the­se images are from behind the sce­nes, from the tra­ve­ling and the par­ty­ing, They docu­ment the world through the win­dows of a van, as the­se modern-day nomads rush from one city to the next, through unknown land­s­capes, with never enough time to real­ly stop. Though unab­le to explo­re the­se cities the way a typi­cal tou­rist might, Kruk­h­aug mana­ges to cap­tu­re his images from a uni­que point of view, see­ing things that a nor­mal visi­tor just might miss. The result is a pro­vo­ca­ti­ve seri­es of pho­to­graphs about the life of the tour, the per­pe­tu­al moti­on, the late night par­ties, as well as the quiet moments of end­less wai­t­ing; wai­t­ing for the next city to appe­ar on the hori­zon, wai­t­ing for a defi­ni­ti­ve pho­to­gra­phic moment, and wai­t­ing for the next show to final­ly begin.

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