Andrew Gallimore

by Rankin

Rankin (Waddell, John Rankin)


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For the fourth install­ment in Rankin’s beau­ty book seri­es, the pro­li­fic pho­to­gra­pher teams up with Hun­ger Magazine’s very own Beau­ty-Edi­tor-At-Lar­ge, Andrew Gal­li­mo­re. His pre­vious high-pro­fi­le col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons for the seri­es have inclu­ded Alex Box, Aya­mi Nis­hi­mu­ra and Caro­li­ne Saul­nier. Having first worked tog­e­ther on Jitrois’s AW08 cam­pai­gn, Ran­kin and Andrew have been friends for six years, joi­ning for­ces on a num­ber of land­mark edi­to­ri­al pro­jects and com­mer­cial shoots. The pair s most recent pro­ject, Andrew Gal­li­mo­re by Ran­kin, not only docu­ments their crea­ti­ve part­ners­hip thus far but fea­tures new, never-befo­re-seen mate­ri­al shot exclu­si­ve­ly for the stun­ning art book. Fea­turing a ran­ge of com­pel­ling por­trai­tu­re, Andrew Gal­li­mo­re by Ran­kin sees the pair chart Bri­tish histo­ry through make-up, give their own vibrant take on death masks and embrace blood, guts and gore. As the UK’s first ambassa­dor for Dior, Andrew has never been one to shy away from expe­ri­men­ta­ti­on while, sin­ce foun­ding Dazed & Con­fu­sed in 1992, Ran­kin has cap­tu­red almost every walk of life with his lens. This uni­que set of images illus­tra­tes that, both indi­vi­du­al­ly and as a pair, Ran­kin and Andrew are game chan­gers at the top of their fiel­ds who never cea­se to impress and amaze.










by Rankin

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