Dierenboeken voor/Animal books for Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca

Martens, Lous

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Lous Mar­tens has five grand­child­ren – Jaap, Zeno, Anna, Juli­an, and Luca – and has begun making an ani­mal scrap­book for each new­co­mer to the fami­ly. Alt­hough it is seven­te­en years sin­ce the first, Jaap, was born, none of the five books are finis­hed yet. Con­sis­ting of loo­se­ly pas­ted pic­tures of ani­mals that were clip­ped from news­pa­pers and maga­zi­nes about art, lite­ra­tu­re, and sci­ence, plus stamps and pho­to­graphs from adver­ti­sing brochu­res, the books are enjoy­a­ble for their small, ever-evol­ving chan­ges as new mate­ri­al is added.

Inte­res­tin­g­ly, the books were never inten­ded to be published, but are now grou­ped into one big volu­me, an embo­di­ment of fami­li­al love and dedi­ca­ti­on.








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