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Borsodi, Bela

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Uni­corn by Bela Bor­so­di (b. 1966, Aus­tri­an) is com­pri­sed of a seri­es of see­min­gly abs­tract still life pho­to­graphs, which upon fur­ther inspec­tion reve­al them­sel­ves to be taut­ly illus­tra­ti­ve pho­to­gra­phic rebus puz­zles — allu­si­ve devices that use pic­tures to repre­sent words or parts of words. When view­ed without con­text, the pho­to­graphs con­tain a see­min­gly ran­dom con­fla­ti­on of image­ry and items, but slow­ly and through obser­va­ti­on, pat­terns emer­ge through clues laid throughout the frame. Objects appe­ar pre­cise­ly pla­ced, and let­ters indi­ca­te ver­bal addi­ti­ons or sub­trac­tions. You start to break down the images into sec­tors, for­cing yourself to look at the pho­to­graphs in a man­ner unli­ke your regu­lar ways of see­ing. You exco­ria­te the frame, sear­ching for clues. By the time you’ve sol­ved the puz­zle, you’ve also luxu­ria­ted into a new pho­to­gra­phic realm.

Import­ant­ly noted, Borsodi’s images are com­po­sed ent­i­re­ly in came­ra. While from afar they might seem to be abs­tract col­la­ges com­bi­ning uncon­nec­ted images and over­laid typo­gra­phy, Borsodi’s con­trol of com­po­si­ti­on is not­hing if not ent­i­re­ly orde­red. The see­min­gly flat typo­gra­phic clues are in fact three dimen­sio­nal hand craf­ted let­ters pla­ced among the objects. Through the­se ele­ments, the images do two things at once — they aes­the­ti­cal­ly com­pel as visu­al art must and also work as a the­ma­tic device. “They are ruth­less­ly gover­ned by utmost restric­tion and infle­xi­bi­li­ty,” says Bor­so­di. “Crea­ting a solva­ble func­tio­n­al puz­zle AND a cohe­si­ve attrac­ti­ve mea­ning­ful pho­to­graph with a mes­sa­ge was my initiative.”

So as not to deny any of us the plea­su­re of sol­ving Borsodi’s intri­guing com­po­si­ti­ons, too much explana­ti­on of any image’s mea­ning here should be avoided. But it is important to sta­te that each image’s word retains a strong con­nec­tion to the artist hims­elf, and in some ways can be view­ed as a sub­li­mi­nal sum­ma­ry of the artist’s ethos and character.

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