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Living in Yesterday's Tomorrow - Exhibition Catalogue

Steierhoffer, Eszter/McGuirk, Justin


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The past’s visio­na­ry future of domestic design, from Ali­son and Peter Smit­h­son to Superstudio
The home of the future has long been a topic of fasci­na­ti­on in popu­lar cul­tu­re and an intri­guing pro­spect for desi­gners, and the 20th cen­tu­ry offe­red up count­less visi­ons of the future of domestic life, from the aspi­ra­tio­nal to the radi­cal. Whe­ther it was the dream of the ful­ly mecha­ni­zed home or the noti­on that tech­no­lo­gy might free us from the home altog­e­ther, the domestic realm was a site of end­less inven­ti­on and speculation.
But what hap­pen­ed to tho­se visi­ons? Are the smart homes of today and pat­terns of use in the sharing eco­no­my the future that archi­tects and desi­gners once pre­dic­ted, or has the “home” pro­ved resistant to radi­cal change?
Home Futures: Living in Yesterday’s Tomor­row explo­res dif­fe­rent approa­ches to reinven­ting domestic life, tra­cing the social and tech­no­lo­gi­cal deve­lo­p­ments that have dri­ven chan­ge in the home. The first com­pre­hen­si­ve sur­vey of the 20th century’s aspi­ra­tio­nal, radi­cal and futu­ris­tic visi­ons of the home, this rich­ly illus­tra­ted publi­ca­ti­on show­ca­ses a ran­ge of ide­as and plans for the future–from the pre­sci­ent to the fantastical–that desi­gners pro­du­ced as they ima­gi­ned new ways of living at home and on the move, inde­pendent­ly and collec­tively, with more and with less.
Home Futures brings tog­e­ther a ran­ge of lea­ding con­tem­pora­ry cura­tors, desi­gners, archi­tects, cri­tics and aca­de­mics to con­si­der pro­jects by desi­gners such as Etto­re Sotts­ass, Ali­son and Peter Smit­h­son, Super­stu­dio, Enzo Mari, Archi­gram, Dun­ne & Raby, OMA, Joe Colom­bo, Absa­lon, Ron­an & Erwan Bou­roul­lec, Ate­lier Van Lies­hout, Yona Fried­man, Buck­mins­ter Ful­ler, Richard Hamil­ton, Hans Hol­lein, Haus-Rucker-Co, Indus­tri­al Faci­li­ty, Jan Kapli­cký, Fre­de­rick Kies­ler, Lin­der, Enzo Mari, Open­St­ruc­tures, Ugo la Pie­tra and many more. Loo­king back on more than a cen­tu­ry of spe­cu­la­ti­ve design, Home Futures pro­po­ses that we are alrea­dy living in yesterday’s tomorrow–just not in the way anyo­ne predicted.

Kata­log zur Aus­stel­lung Home Futures _ 7 Novem­ber 2018 — 24 March 2019
im Design Muse­um; Ken­sing­ton High Street, W8 6AG, London

The desi­gners, archi­tects and artists fea­tured in this book include:
Absa­lon // Ron Arad // Archi­gram // Archi­zoom Asso­cia­ti // Ate­lier Van Lies­hout // Ron­an & Erwan Bou­roul­lec // Andrea Bran­zi // Joe Colom­bo // Micha­el Craig-Mar­tin // Dun­ne & Raby // Yona Fried­man // Buck­mins­ter Ful­ler // Richard Hamil­ton // Hans Hol­lein // Haus-Rucker-Co (Haus­ru­cker) // Indus­tri­al Faci­li­ty // Jan Kapli­cký // Fre­de­rick Kies­ler // Mark Leckey // Lin­der // Enzo Mari // Open­St­ruc­tures // Gaeta­no Pesce // Ugo la Pie­tra // Ali­son and Peter Smit­h­son // SOIL // Etto­re Sotts­ass // Stu­dio Mak­kink & Bey // Super­stu­dio // Andrea Zittel
With ori­gi­nal essays on the home and its future by:
Dey­an Sud­jic // Adam Green­field // Pier Vit­to­rio Aure­li, Mar­ti­no Tatta­ra and Mar­son Kor­bi of Dog­ma // Sarah Kem­ber // Emi­lio Ambasz // Jing Liu of SOIL // Jus­tin McGuirk // Esz­ter Steierhoffer















Living in Yesterday's Tomorrow - Exhibition Catalogue

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