Eames: Beautiful Details

Eames, Demetrios


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Renow­ned desi­gners Charles and Ray Eames are amongst the grea­test desi­gners of the 20th century.

They are most well known for their ground­brea­king and ico­nic fur­ni­tu­re designs, but they also crea­ted important, crea­ti­ve, expe­ri­men­tal, and beau­ti­ful work in the are­as of archi­tec­tu­re, exhi­bit design, tex­ti­le design, pro­duct design, gra­phic design, toy design, film, and pho­to­gra­phy. Their dis­tinct­ly post­war Ame­ri­can enthu­si­asm and open­ness to the world around them gave them free licen­se to explo­re work in many disciplines.

This book cele­bra­tes the seam­less­ness and flui­di­ty in which they ope­ra­ted as both a hus­band-and-wife team and as desi­gners unrestric­ted by tra­di­tio­nal pro­fes­sio­nal bounda­ries. They brought a sen­se of inno­cence and play­ful­ness to the design pro­cess, as well as a tre­men­dous love and disci­pli­ne in all they crea­ted in many dif­fe­rent fiel­ds and mediums.

Aug­men­ting the abundant visu­al images are quo­tes and essays by the Eames fami­ly, inclu­ding: Charles and Ray Eames, Lucia Eames, Car­la Hart­man, Byron Atwood, Lucia Dew­ey Atwood, Eames Deme­tri­os, and Lli­sa Demetrios.

Unli­ke any other book publis­hed on the Eame­ses befo­re, this uni­que and sump­tuous mono­graph is a visu­al cele­bra­ti­on of their work and their life and is desti­ned to beco­me a collector’s item.











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