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Johansson, Gerry


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Sin­ce the ear­ly eigh­ties, Ger­ry Johans­son has made quiet pic­tures of quiet pla­ces, often lying in the shadows of indus­tri­al decli­ne. For Ame­ri­can Win­ter, Johans­son tra­vel­led through semi-deser­ted towns in Kan­sas, Nebras­ka, South Dako­ta, North Dako­ta, Mon­ta­na, Wyo­ming and Colo­ra­do, fin­ding as much beau­ty as the­re was mise­ry in land­s­capes cloa­ked in snow: an iso­la­ted church floa­ting in a mott­led sea of white; leaf­less trees lining end­less high­ways lea­ding to not­hing; long shadows cast on ver­na­cu­lar archi­tec­tu­re in the season’s mer­ci­less sun. In his pho­to­graphs time appears to stand still: neigh­bour­hoods that once pos­ses­sed the all­u­re of Art Deco archi­tec­tu­re, or the glo­ry of bust­ling Main Streets, are now home to aban­do­ned school buil­dings and cars par­ked deca­des ago. Johansson’s asce­tic framing and sen­si­ti­vi­ty to light lends its­elf to the sce­ne­ry and the sen­se of hopel­ess­ness evo­ked by the­se neglec­ted pla­ces.

Ger­ry Johans­son (b. 1945) is a Swe­dish pho­to­gra­pher who deve­lo­ped an inte­rest in pho­to­gra­phy during his teen years and moved to New York in the ear­ly 1960s. He later stu­di­ed gra­phic design at Kon­st­in­dustrisko­lan (today the School of Design and Crafts at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Gothen­burg), working in gra­phic design for fif­te­en years. Sin­ce the mid-1980s he has worked as a free­lan­ce pho­to­gra­pher. His first solo exhi­bi­ti­on was at the Foto­gra­fis­ka Museet at the Moder­na Museet, 1982. Sup­ple­ment: Deutsch­land is the final book in the series of geo­gra­phi­cal­ly focu­sed publi­ca­ti­ons star­ting with Ame­ri­ka (1998), Sve­ri­ge (2005), Kvi­din­ge (2007), Ulan Bator (2009) and Pon­ti­ac (2011), Deutsch­land (2012), Ant­ark­tis (2014), Raven­na (2016) and Tokio (2016).









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